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Introducing a Completely New Type of 3D Imaging Technology available now at Direct Dimensions

Imagine using standard digital cameras and taking 3D pictures. Just point and click, like you do with your regular camera today, and get a 3D image instead of a 2D image. Thanks to an amazing new type of technology from Dimensional Imaging - this is not only possible, but at Direct Dimensions – we’re doing this today and you can too!

The new DI3D imaging system from Dimensional Imaging literally starts with two off-the-shelf digital SLR cameras that are available practically anywhere. It requires no bright white lights, no pattern projections, and especially - no lasers. It works by triangulating the high resolution images shot from paired cameras to instantaneously capture 3D surface images. Generically this science is called “image correlation” or more technically “passive stereo photogrammetry,” but you’ll just call it amazing!

The DI3D system is available today in a complete turn-key format including four cameras, a mounting rig, software, and accessories. It offers instantaneous image capture and automatic post processing to create accurate, high resolution, full-color 3D models. Specific features include:

  • Use of standard off-the-shelf digital cameras – very upgradeable!
  • 3D shape and color captured simultaneously in a single photographic flash
  • Resolutions to 21 megapixels per captured image (depending on camera used)
  • Does not use structured light, pattern projection, or any lasers
  • Quick and easy to set-up and use
  • Easily configurable (you can use as many stereo pairs of cameras as you desire)
  • Portable for carrying and shipping to shoot locations

With the advent of high resolution video cameras, the same process can be performed over time to capture motion. The DI4D system captures a full color 3D video sequence of a moving surface using three or more industrial video cameras. Each frame of the sequence is treated as a separate stereo pair of images and is processed automatically to produce a 3D surface with color. The resulting files are then combined to produce a video sequence of high-resolution images in 3D polygonal formats. Frame rates depend on the hardware but can easily capture at 25 fps or higher.

Applications for these new systems include:

Medical: surgical planning, analysis, and patient presentation for orthodontics, maxillofacial, plastic/cosmetics, ENT, craniofacial; medical appliances such as CPAP masks, burn masks, radiation shields, etc.; medical documentation and analysis, etc.

Entertainment: personalized avatars for video games, online social networks, movie CG animation, mass customized personal consumer items such as bobble heads, etc.

Security: facial recognition and biometrics, access control systems, facial databases

Other applications include industrial inspection, part and artifact documentation for virtual display and museum cataloging, etc. We are constantly evolving this technology and discovering new applications. The possibilities are incredibly exciting and we look forward to continued research and development in conjunction with Dimensional Imaging.

For more information on the exciting new DI3D and DI4D please visit: Dimensional Imaging. If you have any questions about the technology feel free to call us at 410-998-0880 or email us at info@dirdim.com.