Bronze, plastic, rubber, foam, crystal, wood...

Milling, cold-casting, rapid prototyping, laser etching...

These are just a few of the multiple materials and processes that Direct Dimensions has the ability to create from your 3D model. After we have laser scanned or digitized your part, or if you have provided us with a model, we have virtually limitless options for replicating that object.


Enlargements, reductions, exact size replicas...we can do it all. After a Digital Model has been created or received, there are boundaries to how big or how small we can replicate your object or part.

Helix Sculpture - Point CloudHelix Sculpture - Medium and Small ReplicasHelix Sculpture - Larger-than-Lifesize Replica


Our technology enables us to capture accurate 3D data that can be used for manufacturing to completely restore any object that has been damaged by weather, neglect, natural disasters, etc.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Scanning DamageTomb of the Unknown Soldier - Digital ModelTomb of the Unknown Soldier - Restored Marble Panel

Manufacturing Prototype

Using a Digital Model, Direct Dimensions can create a rapid prototype that can be used to manufacture a final piece, such as milling a foam figure to be melted down during bronze casting.

Police Figure - Digital ModelPolice Figure - Foam Milled PrototypePolice Figure - Bronze Statue


Direct Dimensions also offers the opportunity to create various products from a Digital Model. We can create exact marble, bronze, and even crystal replicas of your piece.

Ben Franklin - Digital ModelBen Franklin - Etched Crystal and Resin ReplicasBen Franklin - Faux Bronze Replica