Once a project has been completed by our engineers, we have the ability to deliver your model as part of a visualization or animation.

You can also give us a completed model and we can make the animation for you!

Direct 3Dview

With Direct 3Dview, we can deliver a fully-interactive 3D presentation of your project via the web, PowerPoint, or in a stand-alone format! Please visit our Direct 3Dview page for more information, and to see a broad range of projects using this technology.

Direct 3Dview - Original FrameDirect 3Dview - Polygonal ModelDirect 3Dview - Online


ShapeShot™ enables online personal interaction with amazingly real 3D avatars of yourself, friends, and family for social networking, gaming, virtual environments, and personalized consumer products. Visit to learn more and to see examples.

FaceScan - Scanning FaceFaceScan - Polygonal ModelFaceScan - Final Interactive Model


Animations are a great way to show more in-depth presentations of models, and truly allow your models to come to life. Please visit our Animation page and see how we've helped clients in the past.

Animation - Scanning ModelAnimation - Rapid NURBS ModelAnimation - Final


Direct Dimensions can also create beautiful, 3D renderings from your part or object. The images can then be used for presentations, hand-outs, or even advertising in print, on the web, and more! Contact Direct Dimensions for details.

Rendering - Scanning ObjectRendering - Polygonal ModelRendering - Final Rendering