Pricing Information

Pricing is based on the type of technical resources required to provide your solution. Each of the following criteria may also affect the ultimate cost of your project:

1. Location

Whenever possible, we recommend that parts be shipped to us for in-house scanning in order to provide the most cost-effective solution. In those cases which necessitate off-site measurement, we can bring our equipment to you.

In-house projects (where your parts are shipped to our facility) can range from a few hundred dollars for a point cloud of a single simple part, to thousands of dollars for high-end reverse engineering of complex components into highly engineered models.

Pricing for off-site work (where our engineers bring our equipment to your location) can vary greatly depending on the required resources and related travel costs.

2. Part Features

This diagram outlines various projects and defines relative levels of part complexity:

Simple Parts - relatively smooth with limited detail, no undercuts, or sharp edges
Golf Club
Gun Stock
Skateboard Part
Detailed Parts - details and features which must be accurately represented
Bike Seat
Pelvis Bone
Picture Frame
Wood Moulding
Complex Parts - significant detail and complex features and/or relatively small size
Angel Sculpture
Car Grill
Toy Cowboy

We generally require images of your object to establish a quote. In some cases, we may need the actual part to provide a firm, accurate quote for your project.

The finish or reflectivity of your part may also impact not only the price but the feasibility of the project. For optimal results, we spray a water-soluble talc over the surface to be scanned. If your part is made of a reflective material and cannot be sprayed, then it may either add to the complexity of the part or may even make it impossible to process.

3. Desired Output

Pricing Information - Estimated Standard Delivery Pricing

4. Time Frame

For most projects expected timeframes are as follows. However, for larger or more complex parts, or parts that require engineering services, delivery times may be longer.

Project completion timeframe, outlined generally below:

  • Standard Delivery: Approximately 1 to 2 weeks from receipt of part
  • Expedited Delivery: Under 1 week from receipt of part; may add 20% to 30% to standard pricing
  • Urgent Delivery: Under 3 days from receipt of part; may add 30% to 50% to standard pricing

Note: All pricing is subject to availability and the estimated time required to accurately complete the scope of work.