FARO Laser Line Probe - Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning

Capturing 3D data from an existing object using one of four types of scanners:

  • Portable CMM Arm-Based Scanning
  • 3D Laser Scanning Camera
  • Long-Range Laser Scanner
  • Conventional CMM-Based Scanning

FARO Point Probe - Digitizing


Capturing 3D geometric data from an existing object using one of three types of CMMs:

  • Portable CMM Arm-Based Digitizing
  • Portable Laser Tracker
  • Conventional CMM

Engine - Solid Model

Reverse Engineering

Measuring a part or object using a Digitizer, and then creating a CAD model of the original design. Engineered models can come in three forms:

  • Hybrid
  • Solid
  • Surface

Richmond Monument - Polygonal Model

Digital Modeling

Laser Scanners are used to create a computer model that exactly replicates the form of the object. These models can come in three forms:

  • Polygonal
  • Rapid NURBS
  • Hybrid

Barye Tiger - Part to Part Comparison


We can inspect or analyze you part/object in a variety of ways:

  • Scanned/Digitized Part/Object to Nominal Model
  • Scanned/Digitized Part/Object to 2D Drawing
  • Scanned/Digitized Part/Object to Scanned/Digitized Part/Object

Helix Sculpture - Various Replicas


Using a Digital Model, we can replicate your part/object in a variety of ways and formats:

  • Scaling
  • Restoration
  • Manufacturing Prototype
  • Products

Nashville Symphony Concert Hall - Animation


Visualizations and Animations can be created from a Digital Model. The available formats are shown below:

  • Direct 3Dview
  • FaceScan
  • Animation
  • Rendering

FARO Training Class


We have Certified Training courses at our facility for all of the products and services we offer. We are also available to come to your facility if needed.

  • Training