Direct Dimensions has frequently worked with the Automotive industry over the past 10 years. From scanning and digitizing of entire automobiles to analyzing and modeling individual engine components, Direct Dimensions has seen a full spectrum of applications in this industry that have benefitted from using our technology and experience.

Automotive Styling

3D laser scanning can accurately capture the fine details and curves of body panels and interior trim, and eliminate costly prototypes by starting with good data. By using computer modeling your parts can be mirrored to create a perfectly symmetrical matching part reducing reworking and fabrication time.

Concept Car - Laser ScanningConcept Car - Point CloudConcept Car - Surface Model


Whether you are trying to design a new bell housing to fit a stronger transmission or designing a new exhaust manifold to make more power, knowing your working envelope can reduce design time and cost. Have a hand ported part that you need an accurate replication of on a repeatable and scalable system? Let us create manufacturing models for you to increase your productivity.

Engine - Original PartsEngine - Polygonal ModelEngine - Hybrid Model

Aftermarket Component Design

Upgrading parts that do not get the job done? Let us take the critical measurements to make sure your upgrades function and fit correctly.

300M - Minus Custom Grill PieceGrill Piece - Polygonal ModelGrill Piece - On Automobile

Manufacturing Problem Solving and Inspection

Are your designed parts not working as they should? Let us use our Reverse Engineering tools to perform part inspections to compare to an established model. The output of this information can be displayed in easy to understand 3D color-based deviation models.

Sidecar - Fiberglass ShellSidecar - Point CloudSidecar - Solid Model

Accident Reconstruction

To better document an accident that may assist in legal proceedings, or to determine the cause of a specific accident, Direct Dimensions can laser scan and model the wreck and precisely represent the damage.

Car - Post-AccidentCar - Accident ReconstructionCar - Polygonal Model

To view additional Automotive examples, please visit our Projects page.