Consumer Products

Direct Dimensions can play an integral part in all product development phases. From original concept design to creating beautiful renderings for advertisements and product shots, we have the experience and technology to speed the production process and provide you with excellent service.

Product Development

Direct Dimensions can assist you with your product development, from original designs to bringing the product to market. Working with our advanced technology gives you the ability to create, document, modify, and prototype a 3D model of your product.

Waldies - Polygonal ModelWaldies - Rapid PrototypeWaldies - Final Product Line


With 3D laser scanning, you can scan your object, create a negative model that can then be used to create precise, form-fitting packaging.

Saw - 3D Scan DataSaw - Negative Polygonal ModelSaw - Final Product in Case


Even if your product is not yet produced, or you want to save money on expensive photography, Direct Dimensions can create a 3D digital model that accurately represents your product and use it for all of your advertising needs.

Glasses - Laser ScanningGlasses - Polygonal ModelGlasses - Final Rendering on the Web

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