Working with doctors, Anaplastologists, dentists and other professionals in the medical field, we have been able to assist with surgery, create custom prostheses, help develop new methods of creating dentures, and more!

Digital Prosthetics

Creating exact replica "blanks" is now possible for Prostheses patients by using Direct Dimensions' laser scanning capabilities.

Custom Prostheses - Laser ScanningCustom Prostheses - Digitally Copying EarCustom Prostheses - Final Surgical Template


Extremely small devices can be accurately digitized, reverse engineered, and output to a variety of formats using our technology.

Heart Pump - DigitizingHeart Pump - Solid ModelHeart Pump - Rendered Model

Medical Analysis

Whether we're making an analysis of the distance from the surface of skin to bone, or measuring the difference between two like objects, our technology allows almost infinite possibilities of medical analysis.

Face - Laser ScanningFace - Polygonal ModelFace - Polygonal Model to Bone Deviation Analysis

To view additional Medical examples, please visit our Projects page.