SPAR 2009 3D Laser Scanning March 2009
Capturing and Documenting Existing-Conditions Data for Design, Construction and Operations
March 30 - April 1, Hyatt Regency Denver, Denver, Colorado

Direct Dimensions is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the Forensics and Security Boot Camp as well as presenting at the conference.

• Learn all about recession-resistant and emerging markets. Understand the needs in nuclear power, transportation and civil infrastructure, public safety and security planning, green design and construction, and digital heritage preservation

• If you’re new to laser scanning, get up to speed with a 2-hour 3D Laser Scanning Boot Camp presented by SPAR 2009’s advisory board

• Get more productivity from your existing investments in hardware, software and human capital. Upgrade your skills

• Be ready when infrastructure projects get funded. All data capture is local; you can eliminate or reduce per diem and travel expenses by building your network of competent service providers. (If you provide scanning or survey services, make sure you’re on the short list for projects in your area.)

• Capitalize on emerging BIM opportunities that need laser scanning services to produce field validated—useful—BIM deliverables for the long term.

• Learn all about building Web portals to provide point cloud and survey data together with digital photographs and associated databases. Portals via Leica’s TruView and Z+F’s NetView open up new service opportunities, enhance client contact and aid the generation of new revenue streams.

• Get current on new mobile data capture solutions that can shave months off survey schedules and increase safety, too. Learn what works, who’s doing it and why.

• Learn about the opportunities being created as industry titans like Autodesk, Bentley, ESRI, Google and Oracle embrace, embed and extend point cloud processing capabilities to millions of their customers. Don’t miss new point cloud processing software from new startups. This is a hot area of development

For more information on the SPAR 2009 3D Laser Scanning Conference, please visit the SPAR website at: