PBS Motorweek Talks Biodiesel

Direct Dimensions' work with Biodiesel University was featured on the PBS series "Motorweek." Direct Dimensions laser scanned and digitally modeled the bus interior to help Biodiesel University visualize the space planning of the Mobile Lab.

This episode reported on the alternative renewable fuel biodiesel. Other episode highlights include an "apple seed" hot water tank conversion, a local biodiesel co-op, and an overview of what biodiesel fuel can do, and why "homebrews" feel it's an important step in moving away from traditional fossil fuels.

Watch YouTube Video Here

You can see our Animated Walkthrough around minute 3:25 of the video!

More about Biodiesel University here.

View our Biodiesel University Featured Project here.

The full segment will air again this Thursday March 19 at 8pm on PBS and MPT.