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Job Shop Technology April 1996
Measurement Consultant Offers Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

Baltimore, MD - Direct Dimensions, a measurement consulting firm, is now offering manufacturers the FaroArm portable coordinate measurement machine (CMM) and digitizer that the company uses for on-site measurement services.

Faro Technologies of Lake Mary, FL developed the portable device, principally for medical applications. The principals of Direct Dimensions worked with Faro Technologies for five years to help transition the technology from medical applications to industrial applications.

The FaroArm was designed to inspect and digitize complex components rapidly and accurately in full 3D directly within CAD systems. Because it is portable, it can solve problems in a shop environment, or on a field assignment.

Direct Dimensions offers supplier quality management, quality program development, as well as the application of the Faro device to tasks such as:

•reverse engineering: for digitizing parts to create accurate 3D cAD models,
•manufacturing: as an electronic or 'virtual' jig for locating fixtures in 3D,
•quality control: as a CMM to check parts to blueprints or CAD models.

The affordable unit offers six degrees of freedom in two configurations. The first configuration allows greater flexibility to manipulate a curved probe for hard to reach areas. The second configuration allows the arm to fold back over on itself at the middle. This provides greater flexibility around and underneath objects. The unit is available with 6, 8, or 12 foot measurement envelopes and can be clamped to any convenient on-site support, such as a machine tool.