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Connect Press 2006 Reverse Engineering Roundup March 2006
2006 Laser Scanning
Manipulation of Point Cloud Data Vendor Guide

Direct Dimensions is featured in the Connect Press 2006 Laser Scanning Manipulation of Point Cloud Data Vendor Guide (See Page 2 of 4 of the PDF File)

Name of your product or service:

FARO Tech: Faro Arm, ScanArm, LS Scanner; Konica Minolta: VIVID; Kreon: Zephyr Geomagic, PolyWorks, RapidForm, Imageware

What market(s) are you in? (Mechanical, structural, etc.):

Virtually all markets RE: aero/auto, consumer product, medical, art/sculpture, legal/forensics, visualization, analysis, product development, etc.

Main type(s) of services performed? (up to 4):

Laser Scanning Data Acquisition; Rapid 3D Digital Modeling; Highly Engineered - Reverse Engineering; 3D Visualizations

What other product(s) do you offer? (up to 4):

Hardware and Software Training and Support; Rapid Prototyping services; Visualization services; Product Acquisition consulting services

Is your product a pre-processor, modeler, solver, post-processor, library of elements, or complete solution:

Complete solution!

If a solver or complete solution, how many solvers do you offer:


How many different element types do you offer:

STL files; Nurbs files Iges files; Native CAD

Is your product integrated with any CAD systems? Which:

Yes, SolidWorks and Mechanical Desktop CAD

Does it have its own scripting language for automating tasks:


How big a model can your software/product handle:

Many millions of triangles!

What material properties can your software handle? (Metal, plastic, wood, etc.):


Is there training/support available for your product:

Yes and we provide

Price for full software solution? Price for starter software:

See catalog, but generally start at $15k, normally $50-75k, can be $150k or more

Company Web address:

Contact name:

Michael Raphael

Contact e-mail:

Contact phone: