On May 18 from 3-7pm on 98 Rock Radio Station (97.9 FM in Baltimore) hosts Mickey and Amelia will be auctioning off a full-size marble bust replica of Amelia to benefit The Maryland Zoo.

Back in December of last year Direct Dimensions traveled to the 98 Rock Studios in Baltimore and laser scanned Amelia in person.

That 3D data was brought back to DDI, aligned, edited, and modeled to be posed in a classical form.

Once the digital model was complete, DDI sent the data out in order to have a "casting master" rapid prototype created. This casting master was used as a pattern to make a mold for the poured liquid marble.

After the final liquid marble piece was created, it was sent back to DDI to have final hand-finishing work completed.

Using dry and wet sand paper, and a coat of wax, DDI was able to complete a smooth marble finish on the bust.

Details about the auction and broadcast will be available at 98 Rock Online.

Also, to listen to the original broadcast (minus commercials) please visit the File Transfer page, click on "Visit the DDI Public FTP" and download the .mp3 file.