Artec 3D Scanners


Artec 3D scanners
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


  • Artec scanners quickly capture 3D data up to 16 frames per second while aligning each frame in real-time.
  • All Artec portable 3D scanners capture photo realistic texture data which is used to produce full color 3D models. Ideal for CG/Animation, forensics, and medical applications.
  • Artec manufactures several scanner models making Artec scanners ideal for large and small objects.


Artec Eva/Eva Lite: 0.1 mm at the operational distance: 0.4 1.0 m.
Artec Spider/Space Spider: 0.05 mm at the operational distance: 0.17 0.35 m.

Price Range

$14,200 - $28,000

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Artec Eva/Eva Lite and Spider/Space Spider

  • The Artec Eva/Eva Lite is ideal for collecting 3D data on large objects. The Artec Spider/Space Spider is excellent for creating high resolution models of small, complex objects. The scanners, used with a laptop, are light and small enough to use in remote, hard to access, and cluttered environments.
  • All Artec portable 3D scanners capture data quickly and accurately in real-time using both geometry and texture algorithms. This saves the operator time, allowing him/her to verify the completeness of the 3D scan data while on site.
  • All Artec portable 3D scanners are easy to use in the lab or in the field. An operator becomes proficient in the use of Artec scanners with practice.
  • Artec Studio Software

    • Artec Studio is the most efficient software for collecting and processing Artec scan data. The software offers data collection, data processing, and measurement functionality.
    • Multiple 3D scans of an object can be aligned into a single 3D mesh.
    • The software offers mesh cleanup capabilities and many export file types which are important for downstream applications like 3D printing or integration into other software workflows.
    • Artec Studio creates full color models ideal for animation/CG or medical applications.

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Architectural Applications

Due to its small size and versatility the Artec excels at architectural scanning.

Consumer Products

Designed for portability, the Artec is perfect for scanning quickly and accurately by hand.

Human Body Scanning

The Artec Eva and Spider Scanners offer an incredible solution for Human Body Scanning.