DDI Press Release - For Immediate Release - November 2006
Direct Dimensions Creates 3D Sculpture of Celebrity Kelly Ripa

While attending NextFest 2006 in New York City, Kelly Ripa stopped by to visit the Direct Dimensions booth and participated in the 3D face scanning process being offered as a demonstration of new technology. The data was processed and turned into a small 3D likeness of her face. Pleased with the results, she allowed Direct Dimensions to come to her New York studio and rescan her for a 360 degree picture of her entire head. The scanning process took about a total of five minutes. The data was processed and a full size replica was created. The sculpture was presented on air on the November 7th broadcast of Live with Regis and Kelly.

3D face scanning is a relatively new process in which a 3D camera is used to take a series of rapid laser images. The laser is completely safe and will not cause any harm to any part of the body including the eyes. The subject is seated in a chair and asked to remain still while a camera takes rapid images. The chair is rotated slightly for a 360-degree picture. The data is then collected and “sewn” together in a computer and a file is created to form the image in the desired size and format.

Direct Dimensions is now scheduling scanning events in New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia areas. More information on 3D portraits or any other 3D imaging services is available at

Other celebrities having this process done include Baltimore Raven’s linebacker Ray Lewis. Mr. Lewis was scanned in his home and a marble bust was created and auctioned off for his charity. Also participating in a scan for charity was local radio disk jockey Amelia Ryerse. Amelia, half of the morning-drive time show The Mickey and Amelia Show on Baltimore’s 98 ROCK, had a bust of her bust created. The auction was held on e-Bay and proceeds were donated to the Baltimore Zoo.

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