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Time Compression Magazine, January 2009
Technology Focus: Reverse Engineering, The Service of Scanning sidebar
By Kevin Kelly, Senior Editor

Sometimes it’s not feasible to dedicate a team to reverse engineering and scanning duties. This is where outsourcing can provide distinct benefits with access to the latest technologies without the necessary overhead. Direct Dimensions (Owings Mills, MD;, for example, offers midrange scanning services that provide the accuracy and data quality of close range at the speed and range of a long range,” says the company’s President, Michael Raphael. Using the Surphaser HSX line of laser scanners, the company is helping a number of industries, including shipbuilding, generate more accurate 3D scanning models with resolution within 0.25 mm, compared to as much as 6 mm with other long range systems. “This midrange technology allows us to gain excellent quality data on objects ranging from the size of a car to an airplane, which has not been available before,” Raphael claims.